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Letter to Mick Jagger From the St. Paul Chapter

of the ‘Daughters of Norway’


Dance with us Mick,

     leader of the full lipped

      double-joint hipped man-girls: panted

        tight, eyelined,


Have you guessed

          we like a bit of gender-

              bending? Bring your fast fingers,

                your limber derriere,

      Tuesday nights we’re here—equipped

           with dance floor and liquor

            license. We can offer you our hand-

                         made rosettes and hot-

                         from-the-oven Julekake.


                 How excited we’d be

                      to see you squeezed

                         between our

                           agenda items next month:

                    Lois Giske’s slide show

                    on “buttons and fasteners

                    of antiquity,”

                                   our yearly

                                   membership drive

                                   at the Cork ‘n’ Fork.


We’re tired

       of acting 50-something

          and know you

            won’t hold us to it—

               unlike our husbands

                  who’ve forgotten we 

                     were Woodstock, free love,

                         used to want us

                                 to start them up.


Marjorie Manwaring is a poet living in Seattle, where she also does freelance writing and editing and work as an associate editor for the online poetry and art journal the DMQ Review ( Her work has appeared in a variety of journals, including 5AM, Sentence, Swivel, and Crab Orchard Review, and her chapbook Magic Word was published in 2007. Visit ( for more information.

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